Hello! I'm Melissa

Hello! I'm Melissa, a Nashville-based

singer-songwriter. I got my musical start studying voice, percussion, and guitar in my hometown, Fenwick Island, DE. 

I played cover gigs on the East Coast in college and full-time  after earning an Applied Nutrition from University of Delaware.  An active, healthy lifestyle is something I am passionate about maintaining and sharing with others to this day! 


These days, in addition to freelancing as a songwriter, guitarist and vocalist for studio and demo work, I am enjoying the evolution of a couple music and healing-centered projects currently taking off in the

Nashville area;

Rhythm Bird Music &

the Pain-Free Guitarist...

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Rhythm Bird Music

offers meditative experiences through sound with voice, drums, gongs, harmoniums, singing bowls and other instruments, as well as other offerings such as meditations, energy work, and freestyle dance meditations. 


Pain-Free Guitarist

serves as a resource for guitarists and musicians to reduce pain,  sharpen musical skills and increase overall wellbeing, through yoga, meditation, breath work, and other modalities that cultivate awareness, exploration, and self care.