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Hey! I'm Melissa,

a singer-songwriter currently converting my new bus, Mullet,

into a mobile recording studio

and tiny home. 

Over the past two years I've been learning the tools

to record and produce my own music and soon,

I'll get to travel in my mobile creation station

and write music that's inspired by my surroundings! 

Follow my journey on my Youtube

channel, Melissa & Mullet.

There will be bus conversion, music making,

and follow-along workout videos if you want to stay

in shape with me at home or on-the-road! 

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Yoga For Musicians

Yoga For Musicians is a self care resource

for musicians to discover movement

and mindfulness practices that not only enhance musical skills, but overall physical

and mental wellbeing.


Explore physical strength, flexibility,

and mobility work, as well as practices

for your mental & emotional wellbeing,

and how they all work together for

your musicianship and in life!

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